A Fresh Start

So I’ve been MIA for the past week or so because of the Manhattan Dancesport Championships. We had 8 teachers and about 35 of our DWM students participating and it by far was one of the most successful competitions in DWM history. We held 1st, 2nd, and 5th place for Top Teachers and we won Top Studio. Also out of the Top 20 Student category, we had 7 of our students place! It was incredible.

With all the madness going on my lifestyle wasn’t the healthiest of them all. I didn’t sleep much and wasn’t eating well. I still feel amazing and definitely lost significant weight this week. I was down to 193.2 pounds this morning. Yesterday, someone told me they could see a significant difference in one week.

This week for the first time in my life I tried egg whites and if I have to say they’re not as tasty as I’d like them to be. Since I started #MakeEugeneLean, I have a new found love for vegetables and water. This week I ate a lot of chicken with asparagus and I haven’t been eating a whole lot of steak. I completely eliminated potatoes and pasta from my diet, which hasn’t been so bad. I’ve also tried to stay away from sweets, even though I do cheat once in a while.

During the madness of the competition, I was able to sign up Catherine Canavan and Stephanie Miritello from the Long Island studio to dance with me on August 19th. This morning in Stamford , Terry Digiacomo-Galla to signed up to dance with me as well. Which brings to my half way point for sign ups.

Today, I have to get back to my regular routine and will be going back to the gym. I have 4 days to make an impact on my body because I will be away for the weekend. This morning I ate a SCOOPED out Subway Sandwich on Wheat bread. After waking up this morning I put aside about 20 button down shirts that I need to donate because they are now too big on me. The other side of this is I need to go shopping and that’s NOT one of my favorite activities.

While at the competition this weekend, one of Maks’ fans Kimberly gave me a present. When I opened it, I found a #MakeEugeneLean headband. It was awesome. I now have some ideas in mind in terms of shirts and other memorabilia for the participants in my quest for Self Health and Improvement. Thank you for all the support and until next time.

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